Terms of use



When visitors leave comments on the site, we collect the data shown on the comment form, in addition to the visitor’s IP address and browser data, to help detect spam.

An anonymized string of characters created from your email (also called hash) may be sent to Gravatar to verify that you use the service. Gravatar’s privacy policy is available here: https://automattic.com/privacy/. After your comment is approved, your profile picture will be publicly visible next to your comment.


When leaving a comment on the site, you may choose to save your name, email address and site in cookies. This is for your own convenience, so you don’t have to fill in your details again when you make another comment. These cookies last one year.

If you have an account and access this site, a temporary cookie will be created to determine if your browser accepts cookies. It does not contain any personal data and will be discarded when you close your browser.

When you log into your account on the site, we also create multiple cookies to save your account data and your screen display choices. Login cookies are kept for two days and screen option cookies for one year. If you select “Remember me”, your access will be retained for two weeks. If you log out of your account, your login cookies will be removed.


If you leave a comment, the comment and its metadata are kept indefinitely. We do this so that it is possible to automatically recognize and approve any subsequent comment instead of retaining it for moderation.

For users who register on our site , we also store the personal information they provide in their user profile. All users can view, edit or delete their personal information at any time. Site administrators can also view and edit this information.

If you have an account on this site or have left comments, you can request that we remove any personal information of you that we maintain. This does not include any data that we are required to maintain for administrative, legal or security purposes.